5 Reasons Why Geometric Pools Are on Trend

geometric pools

Are you scrolling through Pinterest, thinking about your dream backyard oasis? Geometric pools are hot on our list here at Pinnacle Pools and Landscape. But what makes them so serine and on-trend in backyards across the globe? Let’s dive into geometric pools and the top reasons why homeowners love this trend.

1. Sleek and Modern Design

One of the top reasons why geometric pools are trendy this year is because of their sleek and modern design. These pools have a sharp and angled design that creates a contemporary look that is perfect for minimalist and modern backyard spaces. Get ready to entertain or relax with this minimalist design. Did we mention that geometric pools come in various shapes and sizes? That’s right, from rectangular, square, and even free-form shapes, you can choose what sparks your backyard style.

2. Geometric Pools are Low Maintenance

Geometric pools are zen in more than just an aesthetic sense. These pools require low maintenance because they don’t have curves and have simple lines, making them easier to clean. Geometric-style pools also have fewer areas for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, leaving you with a cleaner and safer pool. So sit back and relax because with a geometric pool, there won’t be too much maintenance or repairs to worry about.

3. Customizable

One of the best things about geometric pools is that they’re customizable. With Pinnacle Pools and Landscape, you’ll have control over design and all the features to add to your geometric pool. You can also add different elements to your pool design, like waterfalls, lighting, and rock features that can create a sense of serenity right in your backyard.

4. Cost-Effective

A great advantage of geometric pools is that they are cost-effective. Since these pools are rectangular or square in shape, they require less excavation, hence less material and labor costs. Additionally, with their low maintenance costs, they’re an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable yet modern pool. So why are you waiting on your dream backyard oasis when there are so many options to explore?

5. Versatility

Whether you want to exercise or relax in your backyard pool, geometric pools offer versatility. They can be created with features like built-in swim-up areas, lounge chairs, and tanning ledges. And if you’re already going to install a pool, you could add a spa or a hot tub right beside it for the ultimate zen vibes. You are going to enjoy this space all year long.

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Geometric pools are on-trend for all the right reasons. They are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance, customizable, cost-effective, and versatile. At Pinnacle Pools and Landscape, we believe that geometric pools are the perfect addition to any backyard oasis. We can create a geometric pool that will suit your backyard space, personal style, and budget, so feel free to contact us today for a consultation.


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