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Swimming Pool Financing and Pool Financing Loans – Quick and Easy Approval

Don’t stress about finding a loan for your pool project. We have a team of lenders who can help you with financing pool to make your backyard dreams come true. Our pool loan providers can help even if other builders or loan companies have said ‘no’ to your project. Find competitive rates and flexible financing options – fast!

Pre-Approved Pool Financing – Give Life to Your Backyard Dreams

Our expert advisors are here to make sure you are comfortable with all the financial decisions related to your loan. We’ll take care of all the paperwork so you can just focus on enjoying your pool!

Affordable Financing – With loans up to $100,000, our providers offer very competitive rates for your unique situation with no prepayment penalties and multiple programs with terms up to 20 years.

Swift Processing – We understand how valuable your time is. Receive a decision on your application within days, with electronic documents for fast approval.

Save Money – Enjoy the savings of pre-approved financing and very competitive rates, with no prepayment penalties or fees.

Convenience – Enjoy electronic documents and easy approvals so you can start your pool project as quickly as possible.

Hassle-Free Loan Process – Our online application is fast and easy, with loan approval possible in as little as one business day.

Customizable Terms – Our pool loans come with multiple programs and terms up to 20 years, so you can customize a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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Don’t waste time going to multiple lenders; get pre-approved for your pool loan now. No consulting fees, no prepayment penalties, and no equity or appraisals needed! We offer fair terms even if you don’t have much equity or require appraisals for signature loans.  We are constantly searching for the lowest rates on pool loans so that you can have the best financing possible for your project. Our network of pool financing lenders is the largest and most experienced in the business. You can trust our team to find you the best loan terms available.

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Get A Head-Start On Your Project With Pre-Approved Financing!

Many pool builders are struggling to get financing right now. But we have a team of lenders with money available right now for pool loans. If another builder or loan company has told you they can’t help you, please give us a call. We’ve helped hundreds of people that other builders told “no.”


Our providers offer pool loans with little or no equity, and very competitive rates for your unique situation. Feel free to contact our loan company directly or call us at if you have questions or need advice.

Lyon Financial

Simple Interest Pool Loans

Program Highlights:

lyon Financial
  • Low, fixed rates
  • Loans up to $100,000
  • Multiple programs with terms up to 20 years
  • No consulting fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No equity or appraisals for signature loans
  • Electronic documents for fast approvals
  • Programs available for those with credit scores of 680 and above
  • Partner with customer and contractor until pool is complete

Since 1979, Lyon Financial has worked as a specialist in pool financing solutions. We offer terms up to 20 years, no consulting fees, no prepayment penalties, and low, fixed rates. Unlike many banks and credit unions, our experience is unique to swimming pools, not just any type of loan. Your call will always be answered by a live, knowledgeable loan representative, eager to offer solutions. Partner with the industry’s leader to make your backyard dreams come true!

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*All programs subject to qualification and subject to change.