Landscaping Services in Sacramento, CA

Create a Lovely First Impression

Landscaping Services in Sacramento, CA - Give Your Property the Perfect First Impression

Ready to give your lawn a makeover? Do you want a front yard that turns heads? Create a beautiful outdoor living space with our landscape installation and design services in Sacramento, CA.
Pinnacle Pools and Landscape

Landscape Design and Installation – Create a Lovely First Impression

Step up your yard game with Pinnacle Pools and Landscape! A beautifully landscaped home is the first thing people see when visiting your home. Whether you’re looking for someone to spruce up your garden or add aesthetic interest to the back of your property, our team has the necessary skill set to ensure you end up with a work of art that reflects your individual tastes.

Let Us Bring Your Home's Exterior to Life

Our professionals will choose the right plants, trees, shrubs, and more to provide your outdoor space with the look and feel you desire.

A Truly Unique Outdoor Environment

We will plant, install, and build a landscape that creates a unique outdoor environment for your home.

A Work of Art

High-quality plants, trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, and turf from the best suppliers in the industry to create a work of art that is beautiful and fresh in every season.

Bespoke Installation

A professionally installed landscape can transform your outdoor environment and allow you to enjoy your front and backyard all year.

Why Choose Us for Landscape Design and Installation?

Poorly kept landscaping is a huge red flag to a potential new tenant or purchaser, so it’s important to hire professional landscapers to make the best first impression possible. We have certified landscaping experts who help you keep your property beautiful year-round. We are dedicated to maintaining a uniform level of professionalism and consistency in all aspects of landscaping. We always put our customer’s interests first, giving us the upper hand to provide the best landscape design and installation service to them.

Effortless installation

We will create an installation that compliments your home and achieves your vision for a sustainable outdoor space. Our professionals will plan, install, and build a landscape that will transform your space into something beautiful, vibrant, and expansive, perfect for living all year.

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Professional Landscape Design

We have qualified landscape architects and designers on staff who will listen to your vision, then combine all of your needs into a unique outdoor environment you’ll love and enjoy year-round.

Quality products

We only use the finest materials on the market, including organically grown plants and trees, leading-edge organic products, and top-quality natural turf.

Quick Service

We have a team of professionals who will take the time to install your landscape to stand the test of time. Our installation includes all the landscaping essentials: sprinkler systems, new sods, new rocks, plants and flowers, outdoor lighting, and more!
Our designers will consult with you to determine the best types of plants, trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, and turf for your specific situation to provide a unique outdoor environment for your property.
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Get the Landscape of Your Dreams!