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Artificial Turf Contractor in Elk Grove, CA – Enjoy More Time Outdoors with Less Maintenance

Are you looking for an eco-friendly, maintenance-free alternative to traditional grass? We’ve got you covered!

Our artificial turf contractor in Elk Grove installs synthetic grass that looks and feels more like real grass. We help you choose the right artificial turf for your property that is designed to last long without any fading or discoloration. Unlike traditional grass, artificial turf doesn’t show any water buildup or bacterial growth. Artificial turf shows off lush green grass irrespective of the season throughout the year. If you are looking for a playing spot for your kids or adults, artificial turf makes a fun-filled day of practice without any damage.

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Artificial Turf Contractor Elk Grove, CA – Pinnacle Pools and Landscape

With over years of experience in the industry, our artificial turf contractor in Elk Grove, CA, uses top-quality American synthetic grass products to provide industry-leading artificial turf installation. Our turf products are superior in quality and require less maintenance while featuring year-round beauty. With our artificial turf installation, you can enjoy significant savings in water costs, no usage of fertilizer, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that could affect the environment, and more.

Artificial Turf Contractor Elk Grove, CA – Cost of Turf Installation

The cost of artificial turf installation in Elk Grove, CA, depends on different factors including,

  • Square footage of the space
  • Site Accessibility
  • Artificial turf selection
  • Size and scope of the project and more.
Many people consider a DIY job for artificial turf installation could save them more money. But artificial turf installation is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job. In this hectic life schedule, not everyone has the time and energy to install synthetic grass. When you hire our artificial turf contractor, he will ensure that the turf is installed flat to the ground without any bumps. He also makes sure it has a proper drainage system and the turf is in level with the surrounding areas.
Our professionals combine high-quality artificial turf products with superior customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We help you in installing the right products that can last a lifetime while ensuring the job goes flawlessly. We specialize in the installation and design services of artificial turf for both residential and commercial needs.
In addition to artificial turf installation, we also specialize in custom pool construction, pool repair, pool refinishing, pool maintenance, driveway and walkway installation, driveway and walkway repair, driveway and walkway replacement, landscaping services, lawn maintenance, fire pits installation, and more.

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