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Fire Pits Elk Grove, CA - Installation and Maintenance

Okay, people call the kitchen the heart of the home. But what if you spend more time outdoors? Custom-built fire bits in Elk Grove, CA, are definitely the heart of your exterior living space. Whether it rains or shines, fire pits allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. No matter what style of fire pit you choose, it extends the liveable space of your home. Our custom fire pit designs are guaranteed to fit in with your house and landscape’s unique character and architecture.

Custom-built fire pits in Elk Grove, CA, are the perfect place to relax and entertain outside your home. It’s the focal point of your home’s exterior and can be built in a variety of styles using different materials. Some of the popular materials to make fire pits in Elk Grove, CA, are brick, tile, concrete, stacked stone, and more. A well-designed fire pit built by our experts can add significant value to your home and become a smart investment if you plan to put your home for staging.
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Fire Pits Elk Grove CA – What Do We Do?

While designing and installing fire pits of Elk Grove, CA, may seem simple, our professionals consider a few things before beginning the construction. They take into account the convenience, safety, and space availability for fire pits to choose a location that complements your landscape architecture. We discuss with your family to determine the best size, shape, and style. If you are choosing a bench setting, we consider how many people you want to accommodate, the height of the seating, the purpose, and more. Our professionals build fire pits that adhere to the local building codes, so there will not be any issues in the future.

Fire Pits Elk Grove, CA – Different Styles

The most common style options for custom-built fire pits in Elk Grove, CA, are circular fire pits, rectangular fire pits, and L-shaped fire pits. The circular fire pits are rounded in shape, with seats surrounding the dancing fire pits. It provides equal access to fire heat and is perfect for people to gather for chit-chats.

The rectangular fire pits create a unique visual element and provide warmth on cool evenings. It makes your outdoor space more comfortable during the winter months and is ideal for modern designs. The L-shaped fire pits allow flames to spread out in different directions and are perfect for big families and larger groups. It allows more people to gather around the fire and add elegance to your outdoor space.

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Do you want to make your backyard more functional and comfortable? We can help you! Our professionals help you build unique fire pits in Elk Grove, CA, using the highest quality materials and with all the necessary precautions. Call Pinnacle Pools and Landscape today!

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