4 Signs of Concrete Failure to Watch Out For

concrete failure

Every pool and backyard is only as strong as its concrete construction. That’s why it’s vital to keep a watchful eye on the integrity of your concrete to avoid concrete failure that risks the safety of your concrete pool, walkway, or patio.

Failing concrete gives off several distinct signs, so it’s easier to recognize than many think. In this blog, we’ll examine four of the most common reasons concrete fails and steps you can take to ensure the integrity of your backyard and pool area. Pinnacle Pools and Landscape is a leading concrete contractor in Elk Grove, CA, so give us a call today for all your concrete needs.

1. Chemical Attack

One of the major reasons for concrete failure is a chemical or chloride attack. This occurs when chloride ions meet the reinforcing steel in concrete at high enough levels to initiate corrosion. Chemical attacks are usually seen in salt-rich coastal atmospheres or areas that experience frequent exposure to ice-melting salts.

Identifying which of your concrete constructions is suffering from a chemical attack is vital to preventing total concrete failure. Contact one of our experts to learn more and schedule a consultation today.

2. Concrete Scaling

Scaling happens when the concrete surface depletes sections in chunks as the material freezes, thaws, and refreezes. You can expect to find this in poorly constructed concrete that has been overworked but common in multiple concrete types.

Scaling is also common in concrete that has been hastily finished and not properly set, so if you experience this from a contractor, you should find a new one before your next project.

3. Concrete Honeycombing

Honeycombing occurs when a contractor incorrectly compacts the concrete mixture during installation. As a result, air pockets remain throughout the concrete — which fail to fill in the space between the rough concrete particulate, like rocks and pebbles.

Honeycombing is another sign of a poor contractor and can lead to concrete failure.

4. Concrete Delamination

Another sign of concrete failure, delamination, refers to the separation of the concrete’s tops layer from its deeper layers. This typically occurs when steel begins to erode the surrounding concrete. It can also happen after frequent concrete repairs over time.

If you experience concrete delamination, consider purchasing reinforced concrete that lasts longer.

What’s Next?

If you recognize any of the signs of concrete failure that we have mentioned in this blog post, it’s important to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. This can lead to structural instability and unsafe situations for your backyard and pool area.

However, concrete failure can occur in other places too. Learn more about driveway and walkway concrete and steps you can take to ensure a long life for all aspects of your home.

When you need top-rated concrete services by licensed contractors, call Pinnacle Pools and Landscape at 916-299-7871.


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