The Four Benefits of a Concrete Walkway on Your Property

concrete walkway

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Installing a concrete walkway for your home or business has many benefits. Some of these offer immediate benefits, while others include benefits you’ll reap in the future. Additionally, you can enjoy some practical and cost-saving benefits with a concrete walkway on your property.

Whether you want to boost your home’s resale value, make it easier for customers to navigate your business, or simply want to explore options, you can take advantage of these great benefits when choosing concrete sidewalks and walkways. For best results, choose Elk Grove’s top-rated concrete contractors!

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Concrete makes a far less expensive option than other materials available. Concrete is widely known, but the labor involved is relatively straightforward. For the most part, to install a concrete walkway, you will only need a concrete mix and some workforce.

The process of forming concrete mixes crushed sand, rock, and water. Known as hydration, these substances will bond and create wet concrete. After workers pour concrete, they simply have to level it out and wait for it to dry.

2. Amazing Durability

Concrete walkways are very easy to install, but they also offer tremendous durability. Some concrete sidewalks and walkways can survive up to 30 years or more, even on properties that experience harsh weather conditions. Dry concrete is less susceptible to regular damage like other substances.

Especially for business owners that see a lot of foot traffic, having concrete walkways can give you peace of mind. Concrete also proves easy to maintain. Use a leaf blower or a broom to keep it clean during those warm months and a snowblower or plow during the cold months.

3. Great Accessibility

Concrete also makes an excellent choice for accessibility due to its non-slip properties. Other materials like gravel, wood chips, or pavers can be a health hazard in comparison.

A concrete walkway can be a life-saver for older guests or those with mobility problems. Additionally, if you’re a business owner, you’ll be happy to know that your workers will be less likely to slip and fall when hauling merchandise or equipment.

4. Gives Your Foundation Extra Protection

Concrete walkways or sidewalks installed around your home’s foundation can also protect against issues like erosion. Water leaking into a home’s foundation represents one of homeowners’ leading problems. Concrete walkways can help drain buildups of snow or rainwater.

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We offered just four benefits of installing concrete walkways on your residential or commercial property. However, a poorly installed concrete walkway can lead to issues like cracks. You’ll want to make sure you use a professional service like Pinnacle Pools and Landscape.

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