4 Pool Must-Haves That You Should Always Have on Hand

pool must haves

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There are many ways you can accessorize your pool to make it more luxurious. Whether you invest in items you can use in the pool, a new deck, or concrete surroundings, you should give your pool area the attention it deserves.

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape is Elk Grove’s leading provider of pool maintenance services. With an A+ team of experienced contractors, we can create the pool area of your dreams.

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your backyard pool will make an impression on your guests and increase your daily quality of life.

Here are four pool must-haves for your backyard.

Incorporate Purple

Purple is a majestic and royal color that stylizes your pool, jacuzzi, and pool deck. If you have a pool bar or fire pit, you can work magic with purple lighting.

Invest in high-quality pool LED lights to enhance the attractiveness of your pool area. This setup is perfect for bachelors or anyone who spends a lot of romantic evenings by the pool.


If you have a tanning ledge as part of your pool setup, you have an excellent opportunity to incorporate bubblers. Pool bubblers shoot bubbles from one side of your ground pool to the other, creating a fun, playful atmosphere.

Pair your bubblers with a champagne chiller, a bottle of nice champagne, and a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries for date nights with your significant other.

Fire in the Sky

If your home features a panoramic view of Elk Grove or Sacramento, then you will want to invest in a premium fireplace. A luxury fire pit can keep you warm and cozy as you sip on cocktails and stargaze from a pool float with drink holders.

This setup works well with LED-lit pools and will have your backyard looking like a resort. Install fire pits at approximately 1.5 feet high.

Waterproof Speakers

No matter the size of your pool, waterproof speakers are one of the top pool must-haves. Listening to music and lounging by the pool go hand in hand. Why not take the music with you when you go for a dip?

If you host many parties at your home, you can have several speakers playing simultaneously to add to the vibe. These speakers are floatable, allowing you to pass them around at parties.

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