Top 5 Tips to Saving Pool Water for Homeowners

saving pool water

As the planet heats up, more and more neighborhoods face longer, hotter summers and shortages of water. Homeowners with pools can enjoy the cool water on hot days but should manage their pools responsibly by saving pool water.

These simple tips from our experts can help homeowners preserve their local water supply and keep their water bills down without sacrificing the benefits of their pool. For more information on tips for saving water as well as pool building services by Pinnacle Pools and Landscape, call 916-304-1536.

Tip 1: Reduce Evaporation

A major contributor to pool water loss is water evaporation into the air. Several simple strategies reduce evaporation in pools.

Use a pool cover when it is not in use for a long time. A pool will protect your pool from falling leaves, trash, and rain as well as prevent the loss of gallons of water.

Do not heat your pool — hot water evaporates more quickly than cold water. Consider adding a canopy, which can keep swimmers cool and reduce evaporation.

Tip 2: Avoid Accessories That Waste Water

Waterfalls, sprinklers, tile cleaners, and other accessories that spray water use lots of water. Avoid using these accessories in circumstances when you need to conserve water.

Tip 3: Filter Your Pool by Hand

It might be more convenient to use backwashing to filter your pool automatically, but manual filtration goes a long way toward saving pool water. Use a vacuum with a telescoping attachment to remove debris from your pool. Automatic pool cleaners and pool pump equipment are less efficient.

Tip 4: Keep the Right Chemical Balance in Pool Water

Homeowners who do not pay attention to their pool’s pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical concentrations might have to drain water from their pool or add more water to correct the imbalance. Homeowners should use test kits to evaluate the concentration of important chemicals in the pool regularly.

Tip 5: Make Sure the Pool isn’t Leaking

If a pool’s water level is low or needs refilling more often than it used to, it might have sprung a leak. A leaking pool not only wastes water — it also releases chemicals into the water supply. Pool owners should have a professional check their pool for leaks regularly.

Let Pinnacle Pools and Landscape Help You Operate Your Pool Efficiently

We are experts in pool installation and maintenance, including saving pool water, and our team is ready to help homeowners maintain their pools properly. At Pinnacle Pools and Landscape, we care about the environment and quality of life in the Elk Grove, CA, community.

Learn about some pool must-haves and good habits when taking care of your pool. For more information and service in the Elk Grove, CA area, call 916-304-1536 to schedule a service call today.


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