Four Pool Tile Options You Should Consider

pool tile options

An elegant residential pool decorated with gorgeous tiles can enhance any home’s visual appeal and take it to extraordinary new heights. However, with more than one type of pool tile available, figuring out which variation best suits your home isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Pinnacle Pools and Landscape put together a brief pool guide outlining the best pool tile options to help your pool reach its full potential.

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Below are our top four picks for exceptional pool tiles that you should consider for your next exterior home improvement project. 

1. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain pool tiles have been popular among Elk Grove residents for decades, and for good reason. They are as alluring as they are robust, giving your pool an elegant and timeless look for decades to come. They are also one of the more affordable pool tile options and can make your swimming pool the highlight of your home.

2. Ceramic Tile

Like porcelain tiles, ceramic pool tiles have been a staple in residential pools for generations. Their simple yet stylish appearance blends with any outdoor setup, making them the go-to choice for many Elk Grove homeowners. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and can enhance any pool’s waterline without demanding a small fortune.

3. Glass Tile

Few waterline pool tiles improve a pool’s allure more than glass tiles. They gently shimmer under California’s warm summer sun, giving the pool an enchanting aura that won’t diminish over time. Although glass tiles often demand a higher price, they provide an unbeatable look that will take your guests’ breath away.

4. Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can transform your swimming area into a beautiful Mediterranean-style oasis. They are exceedingly versatile and can take both modern and traditional pools to the next level. Their organic texture sets a relaxing tone that will make your next pool party a night to remember.

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