Debunking Common Swimming Pool Myths and Misconceptions

pool myths

Having a pool in your backyard upgrades your home’s aesthetic and raises your home’s value. However, many homeowners are hesitant to install a pool due to some common pool myths and misconceptions. 

Let Elk Grove’s top-rated pool builders debunk these pool myths and show you that owning a pool can be much less frustrating and stressful than you might anticipate.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals Turn Pee Blue

Perhaps on the more humorous side, one common pool myth is that a pool chemical turns your urine blue. Popularized by the adult comedy Grown Ups, this myth is nothing more than fiction. However, if your urine is yellow from dehydration, it will be visible in a clean pool.

Chlorine Turns Your Hair Green

If you’re blond and notice a greenish tint to your hair, you might think that high chlorine levels are the culprit. However, it’s not chlorine that creates this green-colored hue. Copper sulfate used to eliminate algae growth causes green hair tints.

You Should Wait an Hour to Swim After Eating

While parents tell their children to wait an hour to swim after eating to avoid cramps, this advice is a perfect example of popularized pool myths. There is no evidence that swimming immediately or an hour after eating makes a difference.

Chlorine Kills All Pool Contaminants

Chlorine helps regulate contaminants in a pool, but it’s not the only component of maintaining a healthy pool. Instead of simply pumping this chemical into your water feature, ensure that you are also cleaning and balancing the pH of the pool weekly.

Chlorine Is Bad for Your Health

Many potential pool owners worry that chlorine eliminates body oils and harms their family’s health. However, chlorine is present in our tap, dish, and shower water. 

At proper levels, this chemical poses no risk. Still, you should avoid swimming if there is a strong chemical smell after adding chlorine to your pool.

Heated Pools Are Expensive

New pool owners often assume a heated pool is beyond their budget. While heated pools have an extra cost, new technologies and diverse heating options make this a widespread misconception. A heated pool may be far more within your reach than you realize.

Clear Pools Are Healthy

While a clear pool might seem healthy, some bacteria and contaminants aren’t visible in the water. That’s why having your pool cleaned and balanced weekly is critical.

Rainwater Doesn't Affect Your Pool

Although rainwater may not affect your pool, rain can alter the alkalinity and pH balance in your pool’s water. It’s essential to clean your pool after a big storm.

Pool Installation with Pinnacle Pools and Landscape

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