How To Choose Your Swimming Pool Size

swimming pool size

As simple as choosing your swimming pool size may seem, you should consider several details before putting down a number. Everything regarding your pool dimensions is determinable by answering a few additional questions. As one of the most trusted pool builders in Elk Grove, CA, we will tell you what to consider while choosing your swimming pool size.

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The Purpose of Your Pool

You first want to determine who the pool is for and how much you will use it. For example, a swimming pool for a small family of three and casual get-togethers will be less extensive than a pool for competitive swimming training. Even then, a long course swimmer will want a larger pool than a short course swimmer.

While your swimming pool size may never be the same as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, keep in mind that each square inch costs more. To stay within your budget, look into how much space you have in your backyard and look into pool size recommendations for your needs. Or, you can ask us!

The Placement of Your Pool

Many backyard pools in California are in-ground, with underground filtration and lighting systems. However, you can also have an above-ground swimming pool if it suits your needs.

In-ground swimming pools will almost always be the more expensive option, usually costing between $20,000 to $50,000. In contrast, above-ground pools start around $1,000 and may end up near $8,000. Still, with a creative design, your above-ground pool can look just as stylish as an in-ground.

The Costs That Come with a Pool

There are obvious costs, like larger pools versus smaller ones. However, you should also consider other costs than just the construction. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Pool chemical costs per month
  • Opening and closing your pool each year
  • Interior finish maintenance
  • Pumps, drains, and other equipment
  • Monthly utility bills

One cost constantly left out is time, from breaking ground to having a completed pool. Many things can prevent its timely construction, like inclement weather. Your yard will likely be messy during that time, so consider how much time you are willing to invest in the pool construction.

Call Us to Build Your Pool

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